Container Bytes consults on a wide range of container and associated technologies, specialising in:

Image Vulnerability Management & Provenance

Employing a container image scanning service across your development and production environments is essential when adopting containerisation.

We will assist you by detecting and reporting vulnerabilities in the Linux distribution layer, the application frameworks and your custom packages.

Scanning is integrated with CI pipelines and existing development methodologies and remedial actions based on vulnerability information can be enforced at runtime.

Container Compliance, Hardening & Run-time Protection

We assist our clients in developing and enforcing best-practice containerisation, including standard configurations, deployment templates and the use of trusted registries.

Together we’ll ensure that your container environments are (and will remain) compliant with company policies, industry standards and regulatory requirements.

Orchestration /
Cluster Management

Have you considered how you will scale and schedule your containers as your ecosystem grows? How will you monitor the health of your wider container infrastructure to ensure a solid foundation for this growth?

We can help you answer these questions and connect you with the best clustering technologies to suit your specific needs, from Mesosphere, Docker Data Centre, Rancher, Kubernetes and more as they become available.

About Us

“Containerisation has captivated the business world this year, contributing crucial speed to tech innovation.”

Whilst it enables developers to build, transport and run applications more flexibly than ever before, it also exposes businesses to a new set of governance, risk and compliance challenges. Addressing these challenges is where Container Bytes shines.

A technology strategy and advisory service specialising in containerisation, cluster container technologies and container security, Container Bytes helps businesses to overcome the hurdles and achieve the benefits of a well-orchestrated and secure container infrastructure.

With expertise in cloud technology, software development and network infrastructure, our experts are champions of efficiency and are passionate about delivering the most practical, profitable solutions for your business.

Contact our team to learn about working with Container Bytes.

Technology Partners

Not all container security and clustering technologies are created equal. Container Bytes is versed in the landscape and will consider your applications, internal resources, environment and more to match you with the best-suited technology partner for your needs. We work with:

“Docker is the world’s leading software containerization platform, enabling developers and IT admins to build, ship and run any application, anywhere, decreasing infrastructure costs while increasing efficiency.”


“Purpose-built container security for Docker & beyond. Twistlock delivers Docker container security for every stage of the DevOps workflow – with seamless CI integration, extensive API support, and dev-to-production security controls that deliver consistent policies across the container lifecycle.”


prtnr-logo-mesosphere“Mesosphere Enterprise DC/OS elastically runs containers and data services at scale. Enterprise DC/OS lets you run modern enterprise apps with confidence and orchestrate Docker and non-containerized legacy workloads on the same production-grade platform.”



From container configuration to conducting vulnerability assessments, here we share the useful resources we’ve uncovered throughout our tech travels.


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